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Magnesium Rich Foods Pdf Free
Magnesium Rich Foods Pdf Free

magnesium rich foods pdf free


Magnesium Rich Foods Pdf Free >>>

















































Magnesium Rich Foods Pdf Free


[↵]Halweil B. Because your body requires and uses magnesium for so many different functions, you can quickly become low in magnesium especially if you are not consuming enough high magnesium foods.Some of the major functions that require magnesium are:Protein synthesisNerve functionBlood sugar controlNeurotransmitter releaseBlood pressure regulationEnergy metabolismProduction of the antioxidant glutathioneAre You Getting Enough Magnesium-Rich Foods?Magnesiumdeficiencyis dramatically under-diagnosed because it doesnt show up on a blood test!Only 1 percent of the magnesium in your body is stored in your blood,and the majority of its stored in your bones.Some of the main health challenges that have been linked to a magnesium deficiency include:Hormone imbalance and PMSFibromyalgiaHeart attackType 2 diabetesOsteoporosisConstipationTension or migraine headachesAnxiety and depressionChronic fatigueAs you can see, increasing your intake of high magnesium foods is essential to your health.How to Increase Your Magnesium IntakeIf you think you might be low in magnesium, your best way to address this issue is to start consuming foods that are high in magnesium.Buying foods from your local farmers market and foods that are grownorganically may have higher levels of magnesium. Rocklin, CA: Prima Publishing Co., 1997:4675. It packs a hefty 150 mg per cup.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are a healthy, crunchy snack and with 649 mg of magnesium in one cup, they're easy to include into your day.Edamame, steamed and salted soybeans, are a popular start to the meal for sushi lovers. Available at: Accessed November 11, 2009 [↵]Mayer A-M. 5d80d7912b

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